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The benefits of investing in high quality furniture

The benefits of investing in high quality furniture

When it comes to buying furniture, knowing whether to spend or splurge can be tricky. It’s the age-old debate: Do you spend more on a high-quality product or do you save money and buy something you know is a lesser product?

There’s a lot of great furniture out there but once you look at the price tag, it’s easy to shy away from investing in a more expensive quality piece, and just going for a quick Kmart-esque fix. But, is expensive furniture worth the higher cost? 

While at a glance, investing in quality furniture might seem like a spot of mindless self-indulgence, it actually poses a lot of great long term benefits that go beyond the aesthetic impact on your home. Here are some of the reasons you should invest in high-quality furniture.

Quality furniture grows with you

One of the biggest benefits of investing in quality furniture pieces is a simple one - they last. And that’s pretty important when you think about the fundamental role our furniture plays in our lives. 

Quality furniture pieces are more than just objects in a house, they’re familiar faces that are there right along with us for all life's moments. We want our furniture to be able to grow old with us. We want a dining table that can handle a lifetime of breakfasts, a sofa that can service years of putting your feet up after work, and an outdoor chair that stays strong from when your kid’s feet dangle over the edge to when they’re tall enough to touch the ground.

The great thing about well-made pieces is they don’t need to be replaced as frequently. They’re a one-time investment that offers you years of service. And while it can be pretty tempting to lean towards a cheaper iteration that’s a fraction of the price, chances are you’ll be back on the hunt for a replacement fairly quickly. 

Quality furniture is timeless

Good quality furniture never goes out of style. Luxury furniture tends to have an easy timeless charm to it - and it’s often by design. These high-end pieces can take months to manufacture which leaves little room to cater to trends that often pass before the furniture’s even been completed. 

With quality furniture, you end up with timeless pieces that aren’t just one of many in a long line of mass-produced products designed to go out of style after a season so you can buy the next thing. They're pieces crafted stand the test of time, so you can enjoy them in your home for as long as you can.

More quality, more comfort

Aside from the aesthetic value, high-quality furniture means high-quality comfort. At the end of the day, furniture isn’t just made to make your home look good, it’s made for living. So, naturally comfort, quality, and durability are important. Your favourite cosy chair needs to live up to the job description - and that only comes from a quality production process.

High-end pieces tend to use premium textiles and structural materials to contribute to premium comfort. Higher quality pieces are also likely to stay comfortable for longer over time, as they've been made with materials that are less likely to sag or sink.

Not only that but high-quality furniture tends to have more ergonomic principles incorporated in the design process. Special consideration is taken into account to help function and comfort for human use, so it can be as comfortable as possible.

High-quality pieces add uniqueness

High-end furniture gives you a chance to make your home your own and give your space that “wow factor” with unique quality pieces. It’s precisely because these items are more expensive that you end up investing in pieces that truly reflect what you like and add character to your home.

High-end furniture can be customised and tailored to your own personal tastes or even to your practical home needs, while off the rack furniture tends to be poorly made and typically one-size-fits-all.

At businesses like Devon, you’re invited into the design process. You can personalise pieces by choosing from different fabric options to either help fit your space better or to give you a touch of added comfort. This means you’re more likely to invest in furniture that makes sense for you.

Environmentally friendly

Just like fast fashion, fast furniture takes its toll on the planet. Purchasing quality furniture doesn’t just give you long-lasting pieces, but it reduces your carbon footprint by lessening the strain constant consumption has on the planet. 

Luxury brands tend to take more care to factor sustainability into their production process - because they can afford to. They use materials and production processes that are less harmful to the environment and put more care and consideration into the ethics that underpins their craft.

Quality furniture stays valuable

When you invest in high-end furniture you love - it shows. Not only does your furniture look impressive, but it feels impressive too. In comparison, cheap furniture looks, well, cheap. And that has an impact on the overall value of your furniture over time.

High-quality furniture retains its value. It’s an investment. That means when the time comes that you want to sell it, there’s a good chance you’ll end up getting a significant chunk of your money back. 

It’s natural to be a little hesitant when it comes to splurging on high-end luxury pieces. Investing in quality furniture is a process, but from comfort, value, longevity and style, it’ll end up benefiting you for the rest of your life. 

At Devon Furniture, we’re dedicated to creating high-quality luxury outdoor furniture that lasts.  Behind each of our pieces, you'll find the best raw materials, sourced from around the world, leading-edge construction techniques that cut no corners, and the most important of all – a passion for outdoor living we bring to every piece of furniture made.

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