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How it’s made: Devon Furniture

How it’s made: Devon Furniture

At Devon, furniture is more than just furniture. It’s a living thing with a story and life all of its own. From the lush forests of Indonesia to your beautiful outdoor space, here’s a tale of carefully considered design and craftsmanship, and sustainable finishes and materials.

The raw materials

Teak wood 

Devon Furniture is made from the best raw materials, sourced from around the world - and that includes our wood.  Teak wood is one of the toughest timbers out there. That’s why we use it for our furniture. It’s a durable tropical hardwood timber that’s smooth to the touch and has a sweet aromatic smell. Its natural abilities allow it to withstand all types of weather, making it a particularly great choice to weather the might of New Zealand’s climate.

For our timber, the story starts in the forests of Indonesia, where we source our Teak wood. Sustainable practice has always been at the forefront of what we do. That’s why Devon only uses timber from sustainably grown Teak plantations where only a limited number of trees are cut down each year. Each time a tree is cut down, another is planted in its place, to preserve this natural resource for generations to come.


Our fabric’s origin story is a unique one. Sourced in the USA and Europe, all Devon fabrics are woven from weather-resistant, highly durable acrylic fibres, used extensively for awnings and marine applications. We were the first to combine these fabrics with wood to create outdoor furniture that could withstand the elements and last upwards of 15 years.

The process

Once the raw materials are processed, they’re handcrafted with the finer details. Our workers go the extra mile to make sure it’s crafted to perfect imperfection. Our solid-wood furniture is full of life and character, celebrating the natural qualities of New Zealand in all its limitless variations.


Devon’s teak furniture is finished by fine sanding and brushing. We then buff the surface of the teak to draw out the naturally occurring teak extractives. A coat of Devon Timber Furniture Shield is applied to repel water and dirt and protect.


Our furniture is assembled with a collaboration of machinery and good old craftsmanship. While individual pieces are made with machinery, each piece is fitted by hand, by skilled workers who imbue passion, pride and precision in all that they do. It’s a jigsaw, with every piece making up the final beautiful picture. That’s why all Devon furniture is pre-assembled on-site in our factory before being flat packed to make sure it’s just right.

 Joining and fitting

Furniture is made with living in mind, with the construction that copes with the stresses of weight and movement admirably. Joints are designed to flex with the timber movement, employing the traditional Mortise and Tenon method for stability. Our fittings are made from quality stainless steel, aluminium and zinc alloy to prevent rust.


Once all the frame components are complete, it goes to the weaving factory where it’s woven by hand. With no two pieces ever quite the same, the weaving process is a collaboration of science and art. Skilled workers tightly weave recyclable polyethylene fibres to create UV and fade resistant fibres that can withstand the harshest conditions. That’s why It takes as long as an entire day to weave a single dining chair.

All these details culminate in furniture that lasts, embedding itself in the lifelong memories we make on it.

The inspiration

When it comes to design, our furniture takes inspiration from all corners of the world and imbues it with the best of New Zealand, from its unique culture to its vast natural landscape.  

Each collection is a love letter to different parts of our country. Even our name is a nod to Devon, in Canterbury. Our Opito collection takes inspiration from the Coromandel and the Rere collection is a curvaceous ode to Rere in the North Island, with lots of radius to reflect the Rere rocks formed over water.

But sometimes, our furniture isn’t complete without a piece of you. We invite our customers into the design process, offering a true customization experience that doesn’t place limits on their vision. 

The Devon story is a melting pot of carefully considered design, high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The best part of the Devon story? It’s still being written. We’ll keep working hard to bring you timeless furniture that brings the natural wonders of the natural world to your cosy little slice of home. 

View our collections, or check out our projects for inspiration.