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Caring For Your Outdoor Furniture

Caring For Your Outdoor Furniture

The summer season is finally here! With plenty of long summer days and nights ahead of us, it’s the perfect time to give your outdoor furniture some TLC. All of our Devon furniture is designed and crafted to withstand the elements and last a lifetime, but by taking the time to make sure your outdoor furniture is clean and well looked after, you can extend its life even further. 

But how do you clean your furniture correctly? And what products are out there that you should (or shouldn’t) use? Here are our top tips for caring for some of our most commonly used materials, and advice to keep your furniture in great condition long into the future.

Cleaning your furniture

There are plenty of cleaning products out there - but which ones should you use and on which materials? The wrong product could damage your furniture, so it’s important to do your research and invest in high-quality products where you need them.


First up, let’s talk about teak. An amazing material that’s valued for its durability and water resistance, its natural oils make it useful particularly in exposed locations - perfect for the New Zealand outdoors. 

How do I clean teak? We’d recommend our timber furniture cleaner - it’s specifically designed to kill mould and mildew that gets inside timbers like teak. Since cleaning teak takes some time and effort, we recommend using the Devon Teak Protector or Devon Timber Furniture Shield before weathering takes effect again.

Our top tip: Teak is durable without any oil or varnish, however it can lose its golden colour over time and turn more silver. If you’d like to maintain the golden colour for longer, use our Devon Teak Protector.

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A lightweight metal, aluminium is ideal for outdoor furniture. It’s sturdy and strong, yet light and easy to move - and when cared for, it will withstand the elements. 

How do I clean aluminium? It’s a low-maintenance material, so pH-neutral fluid and water is all you need to keep it clean. Any stubborn stains can be removed with a soft brush - a hard wire brush will scratch the surface. 

Our top tip: If you’d like to keep cleaning to a minimum in the future, apply a metal protector with Teflon which will stop dirt sticking to the metal. 

Synthetic weave

UV-resistant, waterproof and temperature resistant - synthetic weave is a perfect outdoor furniture material that's also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

How do I clean synthetic weave? Synthetic furniture pieces are very easy to maintain. A mix of water and pH neutral soap and a soft brush is all you need. 

Our top tip: Sometimes you might come across more stubborn stains - in this case, grab a synthetics cleaner and a soft brush to gently remove them. 

Sunbrella fabrics

Highly durable, mildew-resistant and with minimal liquid absorbency, Sunbrella is the perfect outdoor fabric. 

How do I clean my Sunbrella? Sunbrella fabric is very easy to clean; simply hand wash or pop in the washing machine at around 30 degrees, and hang it out to dry.

Top tip: To make your fabric water and stain-proof, apply a textile protector with Teflon. It will repel any grease and fluids that might come in contact, so spilled wine or dropped food at your summer barbecue won’t be an issue. 


Future-proofing your furniture 

Now that you’ve got your furniture summer ready, make sure you keep it that way. There are plenty of ways to keep your furniture in pristine condition all year around, saving you the last minute pre-Christmas clean.

Keep it sheltered. 

If you don’t use your furniture over the winter months, consider covering it or moving it to a sheltered area. All Devon furniture is crafted to withstand the elements so this isn’t essential - it’s simply a good idea to help even further extend the lifespan of your furniture. If you love the golden colour of your Teak, this is also a great idea to slow the silvering process down.

Keep it clean and protected.

While it’s tempting to only give your furniture a good clean once a year, it’s actually easier to clean it more frequently and can prevent any long lasting stains. If you spill things on your furniture, clean them up as you go - this one is especially important heading into the summer entertaining season. Once you’ve cleaned them, apply the appropriate care products to keep them in prime condition for even longer.

Use professional quality products. 

You’ve invested in quality furniture, so don’t ruin them with cheap supermarket products. Make sure you use cleaning products that are specially formulated for the surface you’re applying them to.

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