Rituals To Rekindle Your Winter Glow

Beginning to wonder if you’re the only one * not * soaking up the European summer right now?

If it’s any cold comfort, you’re not alone!

Under a snowy blanket at the bottom of the world, we’ve put together some tips for designing rituals to rekindle your winter glow …

We don’t mean joining the ‘4am gym club’ (kudos if that’s you), but more simply, finding small moments in the daily grind that inspire you. In these long, cold months it’s all too easy to slip into a sluggish state of mind, cocooned indoors as if in hibernation mode. Yet, by consciously putting aside pockets of time for self-care and emerging outdoors, your mood will thank you for it.

— How about setting your alarm just half an hour earlier? This way, you can leisurely sip a soothing tea or relish your morning coffee, instead of a headlong rush out the door.

— Bookmark new brunch spots to try on the weekend. We love Neat Places for finding local favourites that might’ve flown under your radar, or The Denizen for new openings. Go on, treat yourself.

— Find a different walking route around your neighborhood. You’ll be surprised what a little change in routine and a few extra steps does for your mood.

— Design a wind-down ritual. Instead of scrolling your evening away online (and remembering how much you’d rather be on a sun-drenched Greek isle), stash your phone away and curl with a good book instead.

— Decide everyday to spend even just 10 minutes outside. At this time of year we’re all running low on Vitamin D, so any amount of sunlight and fresh air will get the endorphins flowing.

Devon Mara Garden Bench

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