Minaret Station — Southern Alps

There are few, if any, places quite like this in the world — a luxury lodge set in a remote glacial valley, surrounded by towering peaks and accessible only by helicopter. Comfortable in every sense, with warm hospitality and world class cuisine, Minaret Station Alpine Lodge is truly an extraordinary location to escape the “real world”.

In such raw and untouched terrain, the architecture was designed to blend into the surroundings. Emphasising the use of natural materials, particularly timber, to ensure it will gracefully weather and age in harmony with the environment. This philosophy extends to the furniture and fittings, where design integrity is paramount, and mother nature is the ultimate judge.

We’re privileged to provide DEVON outdoor furniture for this slice of paradise. Since 1976, we’ve been perfecting the art of crafting outdoor furniture that will survive the harshest New Zealand elements. Made from A-grade teak and premium outdoor fabrics, our original Barker Outdoor Dining Chairs sit on the balcony of each cabin, while our Kisbee Outdoor Lounges reside at the main lodge, for guests to embrace the outdoors all year round.

Dine alfresco on a feast of local ingredients sourced from the Central Otago basin, Fiordland seafood, and venison from Minaret’s own expansive 50,000-acre working farm.

“Minaret Station Alpine Lodge provides the opportunity to enjoy some of life’s most precious elements; time, fresh air and open space, whilst creating life-long memories with friends and family.”

We couldn’t agree more with Minaret’s mission. Add this destination to your bucketlist, and be inspired to embrace an outdoor lifestyle with DEVON outdoor furniture.

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PHOTOGRAPHY | Courtesy of Minaret Station