Guide: What Is The Best Type of Wood for Outdoor Furniture?

We often get asked about the pro’s and con’s of wooden outdoor furniture, and what type of timber is best. So, here is a quick guide to Teak furniture, and why after 47 years of experience, we believe it is the best choice of timber.


Also known as Tectona Grandis, Teak is a tropical hardwood tree native to South East Asia. It has been in boat building, decking, cladding, and outdoor furniture for centuries.


Teak has been used by boat builders for over 2000 years, and today it is still widely regarded as one of the most durable and water-resistant hardwoods. Teak wood is very dense and contains oils which provides a natural protective barrier against water, sun (UV), and insect infestations.

This is essential for furniture that needs to endure New Zealand’s harsh and ever-changing environment.


Teak is loved for its golden brown hue. Naturally, it will weather to a silver-grey patina. While it is easy to restore or maintain the golden colour, many of our customers like to let their furniture age in harmony with nature.


We source our Teak from sustainable plantations in Indonesia. The forests are carefully managed so that as trees are felled they are replaced with seedlings that eventually grow into mature trees.

Experience has taught us to select only the best quality Teak and manufacturing techniques, so that your piece of furniture can be handed down through the generations.


As a natural material, Teak outdoor furniture blends seamlessly into the great outdoors. In comparison to metals, it is soft to the touch, and works with both traditional and contemporary styles.

Our furniture is crafted to last many trips around the sun, and endure the changing tides and trends, so the timeless style of Teak makes it a natural choice for Devon furniture.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision when choosing outdoor furniture! Chat to our team for more information or advice about outdoor furniture.

[Water droplets on our teak table]