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Outdoor teak furniture: Everything you need to know

Outdoor teak furniture: Everything you need to know

Teak doesn’t just create beautiful looking furniture - it’s also the most durable and strongest of all hardwood used in furniture building, so it’s little wonder why most premium outdoor furniture is made from this material!

Capable of withstanding all the elements, teak wood won’t rot or cause you any of the problems that other wooden materials can. Those weather resistant properties mean that teak is often the timber of choice for exterior construction and outdoor furniture and boat building, among its many other uses.

No other wood combines durability and aesthetics quite like teak - it’s a very versatile timber that can be left natural, stained, waved, varnished or painted. No matter the look you’re trying to achieve, teak could be the ideal material for your outdoor furniture.

With that in mind, here’s why teak furniture could be the perfect choice for creating your timeless outdoor space.

Why choose teak outdoor furniture?

Teak is weather resistant

Teak timber has natural oils that repel water and make it sturdier than most other types of timber when it comes to withstanding exposure to the elements. Because of its oils and tight grain, teak rarely warps or cracks when exposed to heavy rain, hot sun or even snowstorms. There truly is no weather it can’t handle, no matter where in New Zealand you may be!

Teak is low maintenance

Furniture made of teak is extremely easy to maintain, making it an easy choice for furniture. Due to its oil content it isn’t high maintenance, even when you don’t use oil or varnish. 

Teak is pest resistant 

The same natural teak oils that protect the timber from the weather also protect it from insects like termites and other pests that can affect wood.

Teak is strong

From ships in the high seas to ski huts up the coldest mountains, teak timber is the choice used when you need strong and sturdy materials that can cope with the harshest elements.

Teak lasts a lifetime (and beyond)

Being the strongest hardwood, teak timber is the best choice for durable construction and furniture building. It is considered the “gold standard” for decay resistance and, unlike other types of wood, it never rusts or rots.

This is particularly important because outdoor furniture is often a combination of wood and metal. While different types of wood eventually rust when in contact with metal, the same does not happen with teak.

How do I look after my teak outdoor furniture? 

Outdoor furniture made of teak requires very little maintenance compared to other materials. Over time, its golden colour can mature into a more silvery-grey finish, particularly in places that get a lot of exposure to sunlight. While this does not affect the strength and quality of the wood, it can change its appearance.

While there’s no right or wrong colour for teak, if you prefer the classic golden colour to your teak outdoor furniture, we recommend using Devon Timber Furniture Cleaner, which helps keep the colour fresh and is especially designed to kill any mildew spores inside teak.

We also recommend using Devon Teak Protector or Devon Timber Furniture Shield to keep your furniture at it’s best. View the full cleaning guide here to extend the life of your Devon furniture.

What are the downsides of choosing teak outdoor furniture?

As makers and purveyors of premium outdoor furniture, we can’t really think of any downsides to teak furniture! Its incredible strength and durability, combined with versatility and pleasant aesthetics, make it the perfect material for outdoor furniture design.

If we really have to name a downside, perhaps we’d have to say its availability. As a naturally slow growing timber, there isn’t an incredible amount of teak around at any given time. But, considering it is probably the only outdoor furniture you’ll ever need to buy, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Ready to invest in teak furniture that will last a lifetime? Take a look at our latest collections here, or get inspired with our latest client projects.