Six Ways to Refresh Your Outdoor Space for Summer

With the summer season quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about refreshing your outdoor space. Changing up your colour palette or adding some greenery can change the look and feel of your outdoor area, and bring a renewed sense of style to your space. It doesn’t need to be an all-consuming task either – sometimes simple changes have the greatest impact.

Here are our six quick tips for getting your outdoor area ready for summer entertaining.

Bring life to your space with colour

A classic summer colour palette would often involve bright colours like red, yellow, and blue – but your space can be whatever you want it to be. Keeping it simple is often best, so choose your colour scheme and stick to it. Pick a neutral base colour to bring consistency to your space, and then choose cushions, throws, or a hero furniture piece in a striking colour to be the feature of your space – our pick would be a Moi Sling Chair in a bold, bright colour.


Revitalise your space with greenery

You can never have enough greenery! Potted plants and flowers do wonders to spruce up an outdoor area, plus they’re easy to maintain and perfect for any sized space (including those smaller outdoor areas). From lush tropical plants, to a cheerful collection of succulents, to a bunch of fresh summer flowers – whatever your preference, greenery is sure to bring life to your outdoor space like nothing else.

Create a cosy atmosphere with light

With long summer nights spent by the barbeque with friends and whānau on the horizon, it’s key to create a warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere that people want to spend hours in. Whether it’s an outdoor fire, some fairy lights, candles in glass holders, or lanterns, light is a great way to add a touch of softness and warmth to your space. If you opt for an outdoor fireplace, place a few large cushions around it so guests can snuggle in during chilly evenings or add larger pieces of furniture—perhaps a Milford Lounger—to provide an intimate setting where you can relax over dinner and drinks.

Add texture and tactile elements

You can never have too much texture. It’s the perfect tactile element to add depth and character to your space. Choose a furniture piece with contrasting textures, or add a knit throw or woven cushions to bring your space to life and give it that warm, cosy feel. There are many options out there when it comes to textiles, so while it may feel daunting choosing the perfect combination, don’t worry – the beauty of texture is you can mix-and-match just about anything.

Create shaded areas

Long days under the hot Kiwi sun make shade an essential for any outdoor area – not just for style, but for practicality too. Make sure you have a shaded area or a cool space for those hot summer days. A big sun umbrella, a louvred roof or a shade sail in a neutral colour – choose what’s right for your outdoor area, while making sure you’ve still got some room for sunshine.

Add the finishing touches, with a rug

A final touch to refresh your outdoor space? Add a rug to tie all of the elements together and to help make the whole space feel more cohesive. Rugs can often be overlooked when it comes to outdoor areas, but they bring sophistication and ground your design. It’s the perfect addition for a covered outdoor space, or a smaller outdoor area where grass may not be possible.

Inspired to start your outdoor living area refresh? Take a look at our projects for some inspiration, or check out our latest collections if you’re looking to add the perfect outdoor furniture to complete the look.