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Devon since 1976

Bruce Barnes and Howard Sneddon started making outdoor furniture in an old tin shed in Newmarket, Auckland in the 70's. With Bruce's design qualifications and Howard's youthful exuberance they set out to build the "best outdoor furniture money could buy."

Style, Comfort & Durability

The business has changed dramatically over the years and Devon furniture has been exported all over the world. One thing that hasn't changed since the 70's is people continue to buy Devon furniture now, for the same reasons they did all those years ago.

'Style, comfort, colour and durability."

A Trusted Brand

Devon fulfill these criteria by using raw materials and methods of construction which are as timeless as the designs themselves.

The old tin shed has long since been demolished, but Devon is satisfied in the knowledge that the furniture they made back then is still out there, surviving everything that mother nature can throw at it.

Matthias Strickett

Managing Director Matthias Strickett purchased Devon in early 2019, heralding a new era for a truly great New Zealand brand. He brings a true passion for the outdoor living and an obsession for detail and quality which will continue to be reflected in our collections for years to come.