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5 easy tips for creating a holiday-ready outdoor space

5 easy tips for creating a holiday-ready outdoor space

Longer days, warmer evenings - tis’ the season for outdoor entertaining. With the holiday season approaching, now’s the time to start getting your outdoor space ready for a few months entertaining your friends and family. After all, a quintessential Kiwi Christmas isn’t complete without a spot of outdoor dining and backyard cricket and you’ll need a dramatic alfresco backdrop for those summer memories.

So, before you launch into daydreams of laid-back weekends lazing around in your backyard, you’ve probably got a wee bit of work to turn your backyard into the ultimate summer oasis. We know you probably have the same passion for outdoor living we do, so we’ve put together a few easy ways to create a holiday-ready outdoor space your friends and family won’t want to miss.

Refresh and revitalise

What’s your outdoor situation? Chances are, what you’ve got is looking pretty grim after a few seasons of neglect. It’s time to give furniture a good scrub down and your garden a good weed before you open your doors for holiday entertaining.

That means removing spiderwebs and any other debris that might have accumulated on your outdoor tables, chairs, and cushions. Give each piece of furniture a jolly good rub down to remove any grime or mildew that might have built up. Then, move them out of the garden while you tackle the natural debris, get stuck into the weeding and sweep up any loose leaves.

Invest in quality outdoor furniture

Not all furniture has a long life outdoors, so it’s important to invest in some quality pieces that you know can go the distance. You’ll want pieces that add some flair to your space and compliment the way you live, but also pieces that can be left outdoors all year round regardless of location.

Made with the best raw materials sourced from around the world, Devon Furniture is crafted specifically to capture the essence of New Zealand outdoor life. With teak timber, our pieces are not only to sit beautifully in your outdoor space but to last with leading-edge construction techniques that don’t cut corners. 

Set the mood with some lighting

It might be summer, but we all know how easily long evenings melt into late nights. So, when the sun goes down, outdoor lighting is a great way to create a sense of allure and magic to really amp up the ambience in your outdoor space.

Need some inspiration? How about a trail of tea lights lining the patio for a soft dreamlike feel, or fairy lighting strung up across the deck? Don’t forget about your trees. Positioning lights under trees, ports or plants can create a sense of drama or add a touch of cosiness to your garden. Or, take some cues from your Christmas tree and string up some lights like tinsel for a subtle festive feel that can still carry you through to the new year.

Install some shade

While we all love a bit of time al fresco, our time outdoors can quickly reduce us to a sweaty hot and bothered mess. So, it’s a good idea to think about giving yourself some relief from the sun’s rays with some kind of shade. Not only will it help you cool down, but it’ll help protect your skin from some serious sun damage.

Before you pick anything too elaborate, you might want to consider a large patio umbrella. They’re affordable and easy to move or pack away if you want to. They’re also easily adjustable for when the sun moves and usually, you don’t need much more than a table or stand to hold them up.

Pergolas are a great way to weatherproof your outdoor space, though they’re a more permanent option. They’re kind of like turning your outdoor space into a room that can both shield you from whatever mother nature decides to throw at you. You can decorate them with outdoor lights, or even plant climbers and vines to create a lush outdoor oasis.

Add a pop of colour with some accessories

Now, this is the fun part. The great thing about accessories is they don’t have to be practical. You can pick out whatever your heart desires. But, it’s important to have a clear palette or theme in mind when you do this to give your space some cohesion and balance.

Accessories are a great way to introduce some colour to your outdoor space. Think outdoor rugs, throws and bean bags. Pile on some pillows for style and comfort. Better yet, tap into some of that Kiwi DIY spirit and paint some plant pots. Or if green thumbs are more your vibe, head over to your local garden centre and pick out some flowers. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, how about adding a water feature for a more relaxing ambience?

If you’re after a more festive feel, you could introduce some Christmas themed elements with red and green items. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of picking Christmas decorations that have no business in summer, look to some of our Kiwi Christmas relics for inspiration like some pohutukawa flower lights.

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